We thank our clients for their continued loyalty. FBRH Consultants Ltd is committed towards meeting and exceeding client needs - both explicit and implicit - and providing unmatched services, in all areas.

  • Central Bank of Cyprus +

    FBRH Ltd have been doing work for the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) since the beginning of 2008 providing the CBC with the design, layout and printing of the Greek and English Annual Report and the biannual Greek and English Economic Bulletin. FBRH Ltd were very helpful during the production process offering several different suggestions on various options. Once we agreed and signed off on the project FBRH completed the work in a timely manner. We are satisfied with the quality of work offered by FBRH Ltd.

    Mr George Syrichas
    Senior Director

  • C.A. Papaellinas Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics +

    My congratulations to the FBRH team for the work and the excellent results regarding our Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

    Mr. Christos Papaellinas
    Chief Executive Officer

  • ENPI Info Centre (A communication project by the European Commission) +

    “FBRH Ltd have been doing work for the ENPI Info Centre since the beginning of 2008. All work and communication was completed successfully via electronic means (i.e. email, skype).

    “All projects assigned to FBRH Ltd were completed on time and always to our best satisfaction. I have no hesitation in recommending Simon Pitsillides for  his professionalism and commitment.

    “We appreciate his ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines.”

    Ms Francesca Predazzi
    Deputy Project Leader

  • KISA (Action for Equality, Support, Antiracism) +

    “FBRH Ltd has provided free of charge marketing support for KISA (Action for Equality, Support, Antiracism), assisting the NGO in its activities in combating xenophobia and racism, sensitization of Cypriot society and provision of support services to migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and foreign students.”

    Mr Doros Polykarpou
    President of KISA

  • Action Global Communications +

    With each new project, we know we will engage in an established process that clearly outlines the progression from the beginning until delivery of the finished product. Along the way there is always good communication which provides a clear understanding of t he objectives, steps and milestones, as well as the roles and responsibilities of all concerned.

    The outcomes we have experienced when working with FBRH Consultants in this manner is a smooth transition from what we say we want at the briefing stage, through to concept design,development and fin al delive ry. Every step of the way, the process is carefully managed, monitored and communicated effectively. The results are optimum quality and efficiency.

    lt is with great confidence that I recommend FBRH Consultants Ltd. for any media solution your company or organisation may need.

    Larry Fergeson

    Senior Project Manager and Funding Acquisition

  • National Bank of Greece (Cyprus) +

    “FBRH Ltd has proven their competencies and capabilities and are particularly talented professionals. FBRH Ltd is very capable in understanding customer needs, improvising practical and efficient solutions and delivering them in the most timely and swift way.”

    Mr Stavros Pierides
    Head of Banking Business and Treasury division

  • University of Cyprus +

    “Simon Pitsillides’s experence in the field has been very valuable to us in projects like the promotion of the University’s publications, branding, preparation of print material, support for educational fares, conferences and seminars.

    “The work stands out in terms of punctuality, sensitivity regarding the client’s wishes and needs, flexibility and, above all, professionalism.”

    Mr Doros Michael
    Acting Head of the Service for Research,
    International and ublic Relations

  • Procter & Gamble (on Simon Pitsillides as General Manager of Arc En Ciel Design and Advertising Consultants Ltd) +

    “...an unprecedented rise in sales was achieved. There was significant growth in all the major brands. Always, Pantene and Pampers achieved significant increases in sales... a major reason for the achievement of these results was the efficient and highly professional service provided by Arc En Ciel under Simon Pitsillides’s management.

    “Simon was a very knowledgable, trustworthy and energetic manager with exceptional organisational and administrative skills. He showed clear judgement, initiative and the ability to focus on the substance of issues whilst being scrupulous with detail.”

    Mr Edward Verity
    Brand Manager

  • Viohalco SA +


    For the past fifteen years we have been working successfully with FBRH Consultants Ltd and Mr Simon Pitsilides for the VIOHALCO SA Annual Report and it’s also listed on the Athens Exchange subsidiaries namely: ELVAL SA, HALCOR SA, HELLENIC CABLES SA, SIDENOR SA and CORINTH PIPEWORKS SA.
    All these years Simon Pitsillides has proven to be a very reliable, flexible and efficient professional that can easily work under pressing conditions on the one hand, while on the other hand he deeply understands his customers’ requirements and needs. He has proactive mind and delivers work of high standards quality. 

    Erietta Papadogianni
    Communication Manager

  • Tetra Pak, Egypt +

    I am delighted to describe and express the high level of customer satisfaction FBRH Consultants Ltd provide clients in terms of quality of their work, leadtime and the frequent follow up.

    FBRH were able in a relative short leadtime to come up with many proposals in package designs which makes this company unique.

    I would recommend FBRH to my customers at any given point in time.

    Dina Soliman
    Customer Service

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